Most programs are cancelled due to Covid 19, please call the Health Centre for clarification.

Adult Day Program – The program will run twice weekly for 4 hours beginning June 4, 2019.  Tuesday at the Sarah Wray Hall in Garden Bay from 10:30 – 2:30pm and on Fridays at Lily Lake in Madeira Park from 10:30 – 2:30pm.  This program will offer respite to caregivers and an opportunity for socialization, recreation, and a light lunch for the client.  Facilitation of this day program is under the care of a certifiied recreation instructor and care aide in a safe environment

Diabetes Education – Weekly on Thursdays – Patients who are looking for more information, training, and management of their diabetes may book with our Dietician and/or Registered Nurse

Healthy Hearts – As the Heart & Stroke Foundation Resource Centre for the Sunshine Coast, the Health Centre offers a program for people with heart health issues, upon referral by their doctors

Youth Clinic – a confidential weekly drop in service for young people

Women’s Wellness – in partnership with the nurse practitioner

Harbourside Friendships – weekly gatherings of people for social interaction, guest speakers and activities. Has been active for over 25 years

Pender Harbour Seniors Initiative – various activities to reduce seniors’ social isolation

Better at Home – a United Way program to provide non-medical services for seniors to better enable them to remain in their own homes

Managing Chronic Conditions – programs integrated with the PH Aquatic & Fitness Centre and University of Victoria

Bereavement Support Group – providing mutual understanding and guidance for people who have lost loved ones

Palliative Support – trained, caring volunteers who offer support as needed for palliative patients and their families

Alcoholics Anonymous – meet Wednesdays at 7 p.m.


PHHC Programs: 

In addition to the ambulatory, urgent, venepuncture and home care services which the Health Centre provides under its contract with VCH, the Health Centre also directly supports several other programs for the overall benefit and well being of the community. These programs are often funded by the Health Centre and delivered by a combination of our nurses and other allied health care professionals and volunteers.  The programs are possible thanks to the generous financial support of the community and the Health Centre Auxiliary. The Health Centre is constantly looking to add and improve supplemental programs. Key current programs are as noted below.

 Harbourside Friendships is the oldest program supported by the Health Centre. It was started in 1990 by two dedicated nurses, Nancy Mackay and Linda Szabados.  The goal of the group was to provide a safe and friendly environment where seniors can meet new friends, socialize and enjoy a hot meal together.  Due to the dedication and interest of members, this group has met on a weekly basis from September to June since the program began and involves social activities, outings and guest speakers.  The nurses attend frequently to help monitor overall health levels such as heart health, blood pressure and blood sugar levels plus provide information on relevant health topics. The program is run under the Health Centre and financially supported by the Health Centre Auxiliary.

Diabetic Education and Nutritional Counseling is the second longest program supported by the Health Centre. The program was started by Nancy Mackay, RN, CDE and Dianne Paulus, RD, CDE in 2006.  After a brief hiatus in 2013-2105 the program has restarted in 2016.  The program focuses on a helping individuals manage their personal pre diabetic or diabetic health and also provides ongoing nutritional counseling. Additionally, there are usually 2-3 events held each year to increase community awareness that involve educational seminars, individual testing and qualified guest speakers. The program is very successful and well supported.

The Women’s Wellness program started as a pilot in 2009 between the VCH and the Health Centre. The VCH provides the services of a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and the Health Centre provides the facility space and setup, supplies, and clerical administration with support of Health Centre nurses as needed.  The program promotes and provides better access to health and wellness for women of all ages in the Pender Harbour area. The program was augmented by a two year cervical screening grant obtained through the Health Centre in 2010-2011. The program is offered at the Health Centre on Tuesdays by appointment and supported, 3 times per month by the NP.   Services include general health issues, education, screening for cervical cancer and breast health.  When the NP is not available the clinic nurse can provide these programs within her scope of practice.

 The Youth Clinic also started in 2009 as a collaboration between VCH and the Health Centre. It is run on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 5:00pm on a drop in basis. The program offers youth between the ages of 12 to 19 years of age, access to safe and confidential health and wellness services. Some of these include education on various health topics, sexual health information, birth control and screening of STIs, counseling and referring when appropriate. This program is operated by a Health Centre nurse with NP support 4 times per month. The program has been well accepted and continues to grow with new clients coming by referral or word of mouth.

Pender Harbour Seniors Initiative started in 2012 when the Health Centre received funding from VCH’s SMART Fund. It’s mission is “Improve the quality of life of seniors from Middle point to Egmont, many of whom are living in isolation by creating programs and resources which they can easily an comfortably access.” With the support of an advisory committee, the facilitator organizes diverse outings, exercise programs, information sessions and interactions between the seniors of the community and other demographics and organizations. The PHSI has also extended the Harbourside Friendships meetings to run through the summer months.

The Better at Home program is actively supported by the Health Centre in several ways. Since the inception of the program in 2013, the Health Centre has offered space for meetings of the Advisory Committee and prospective volunteers. The BAH coordinator works closely with the R.N.s who often make referrals to the program for clients they see during the delivery of home care services. The BAH coordinator also liaises with the coordinator of the Harbourside Friendships and Seniors’ Initiative programs. This relationship helps enable continuity of the Better at Home program and provides access for BAH clients to participate on outings and events which helps address the issues of isolation in our rural community.

Pender Harbour Community Garden This garden was developed in 2015 through donations from the community and financial support from the Health Centre. Recognizing the need as well as the social benefits to our community, this program was championed by Kym Harris. The garden has been very successful and provides a place for people to not only grow their own food, but to also get out, meet their neighbours and share some time together. The garden provides the opportunity to promote conversation around healthy eating habits and also helps create interaction between seniors and youth.

The Health Centre has a strong Palliative Support program.  We have trained, caring volunteers who offer support as needed for patients and their families. Our home care nurses provide daily support often several times a day as needed and we have a rotational palliative callout program that our nurses support on weekends and evenings to ensure that care is provided.

The PHHC started offering Bereavement Support in the spring of 2011. The program is based on the content of the Nanaimo Hospice, who were very generous in their assistance and support as the program was developed. The program was led by the home care nurse team leader and involved the training of 6 -7 volunteers by the Sunshine Coast Hospice group.  The program is run over 8 weeks of 2 hour sessions and involves interaction, many reference books/materials and weekly handouts to the participants. This course is not recommended for anyone who has had a recent loss and it is recommended the loss be at least 6 months ago. The program runs 1-2 times per year in response to community needs and offers follow up support to individuals through informal gatherings and get togethers. The feedback has been very positive for this much needed service and the volunteers provide tremendous support.

The Cardiac Care/Happy Hearts Program started initially in 2008 as a joint offering among the Elder College, the Health Centre and the Pender Harbour Aquatic & Fitness Centre focused on managing stress and having a healthy heart through diet and exercise.  The program ran several times and in the fall of 2011 the home care nurse team leader determined a need for a broader program aimed at cardiac recovery for clients who had suffered an MI, cardiac stints or undergone open heart  surgery.  There was nothing available on the Coast. The program was based on St Paul’s Hospital and run in collaboration with the Pender Harbour Aquatic Centre.  The program was aligned in 2012 with the VCH program Happy Hearts which was being standardized across the province. This program is now run by the Pender Harbour Aquatic Centre with nursing support as needed.  In the spring of 2012 the Health Centre became a designated Heart and Stroke Resource and Education Centre for the Sunshine Coast.

Chronic Pain, Self – Management program.  The Health Centre has 3 facilitators trained on the University of Victoria’s Centre on Aging program. The program is very relevant to our community as we have the oldest demographic on the Sunshine Coast and many individuals trying to manage chronic conditions. Availability of the program in the Health Centre means individuals do not have to find their way to Sechelt to participate in the program. Access within our community is critical. The program runs 2-3 times a year.

Seniors Wellness – Chronic Disease Management program This program started in January 2019. It is focused on providing information and support to seniors (55+) who are living with chronic health conditions. Patients fill in a self assessment health survey and are seen by appointment with an RN with extensive CDM experience.. The program runs one day/week and includes health assessment, medication review, education and referral to other Health Centre and community programs. Patients may self refer or be referred by physicians or other allied health care providers. This program is in response to the 2018 Community Needs survey..

 Adult Day Care Program This program started in June 2019. It was developed in collaboration with Shornecliffe to provide a respite for caregivers so they may attend to their own personal needs. The program runs twice a week at two separate venues in the community to provide as Broad an access as possible. It is run by a recreational activity aid and an LPN, both with experience with the Shorncliffe program. The program is over four hours and provides social interaction, activities and a healthy meal in a friendly and safe environment. This program is in response to the Community Needs survey.

Social Worker/Patient Navigator This program will start in November 2019. It will run on a 1day/week – 2 days per week rotation. This is an outreach program designed to support vulnerable patients. The social worker works independently and in collaboration with physicians, various allied health care providers and other members of the Health Centre who are involved in multiple health and wellness programs across the community from youth to seniors.  This program is based on the original GP for Me program and is also in response to the Community Needs survey.