Please become a member of the Health Centre!

There is NO FEE for membership so anyone can join.

Why be a member? You will be kept up to date on health centre events and activities through a quarterly newsletter. In addition, we will invite you to meetings such as the Annual General Meeting and send you important updates that are not in the newsletter. We also encourage you to be in touch with us around issues of concern to you.

Types of members: There are two types of members – regular members and voting members.

1. A regular member receives all information about health centre activities and is invited to all annual and special meetings. We will contact you every five years to see whether you still wish to be a member and to renew your information. If you are a current member, or a lifetime member, you will automatically be on our membership list.

2. A voting member can vote at all annual and special meetings of the Society. There are 11 seats for voting members and you can apply to become one if you are a member of the Society. Members who can vote will include current Board members (8) and 11 board appointed voting members. We are a gender equity Board and that applies to the voting members. Terms are for three years to a maximum of 10 years. The slate will be decided in August for election at the AGM in September.

Where can I get a membership or a voting membership form?

Please come to the health centre or email your request to: